Working Compass Necklace

Many working compass necklace that you can buy, and some can be customized to the desires or your personality. Compass necklace for men and for women who are really useful for the adventurous, backpacking, up to appear fashionable. Some working compass necklace made of silver and gold, two precious metals have definitely chosen because of beauty. Any working compass necklace you choose, make sure you are not cheated by buying imitation goods with bad material, not even working.

For those of you who would love to have this versatile necklace, but only have a limited budget, there is also a working compass necklace made with brass and titanium, depending on your taste and budget. As an example of the working compass necklace made from brass below:

A working compass necklace by Roost Jewelry. A real working antiqued brass compass hangs from a long chain.


Compass measures 1-3/4 “in diameter by 3/8” deep
Chain measures 30 “long; can be made shorter
Real working compass has red-tipped arrow
Burnished antique finish
Ships in a jewelry box
real working brass compass necklace

There is also titanium compass necklace available on Amazon:

Men’s Titanium Steel Compass Pendant Necklace

Titanium Steel
34*27mm|THICKNESS: 9mm|
SKU: SZ11-1136

titanium compass necklace

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