Allah necklace for men (?)

Sorry this post for Muslim only. Allah necklace for men (?). Actually this pendant necklace blog is not talk about religion including Islam, but there are relationship between necklace and Muslim male, if you’re a Muslim male, do you agree with another Muslim male that wearing necklace? Well if you need further information or want to debating whatever about this problem, you can go to this URL;

that’s a Sunni Muslim forum, but there are Allah necklace for men that designed like army tag in Amazon store, you can go to there to check Allah necklace for men. Well even I try to previewing all jewelry product for Muslim, but I should be careful to recommend any item for all visitor here especially for Muslim visitors, so what do you think? Do you still want to purchase this item? In fact a member in that forum said that this is kind of bidah and Shirk. Sorry I really poor in Islam knowledge.

Allah Necklace Product List


If you want to buy this item I’ll tell you, this item made of high quality Silver nickel-plated material, Arabic letter image will not peal, flake, or rub off, it is painted onto the metal.

Buy Allah necklace for men here

Allah necklace for men

Allah necklace for men

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