Sterling Silver 1″ (25 mm) Diamond Cut Allah Pendant

Hi there, now I want to introducing a religious pendant for Muslim hip hop style, I’m Muslim and this is very makes me proud that I can offering this religious item, I hope it can increasing your faith, Insya Allah. This “Sterling Silver 1” (25 mm) Diamond Cut Allah Pendant engraved with word “Allah” in Arabic. What do you think? Is it luxury, glamorous and very religious? Nobody want to miss this item, with brand name Sabrina Silver, Amazon claim that this is great item with diamond Cut Finish, Very Well Made and has a Good Weight and Feel to it. Chain sold separately, with 925-Sterling metal stamp, and sterling-silver material type. I swear it makes you satisfied, nobody doubt with my recommendation guys. Hey this item also nice to be a gift for your wife or husband, we hope this “Sterling Silver 1” (25 mm) Diamond Cut Allah Pendant always makes the owner remember with their God. So what you waiting for? This pendant not only in one style, the company makes 3 different styles of Diamond Cut Allah Pendant. Nice to share this information with you, please come anytime to pendant necklace dot us.
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