Compass necklace sterling working

When you looking for compass necklace sterling working that can be personalized and customized, we can show you the professional jeweler for you. thecompasscompany dot com is offering stunning personalized compass gift. Many people want Susan Sarandon’s compass necklace like crazy, so this jewelry is awesome, perfect gifts for personal use, corporate awards, and recognition.

Compass necklace sterling working! Yes it’s a working compass, everybody called it Sterling Silver Compass Rose Silver Pendant with working compass.

Elegant and historical design strong with this hand made Sterling Silver Compass Rose Pendant Necklace. 16th century map become the design of this sterling silver working compass necklace. directions. (you can read ‘Origins of The Compass Rose’ next post)

You can check picture of their stunning silver compass rose pendant below. The working compass pendant has 20mm in diameter (about the size of a quarter). The Compass Rose Pendant is set with a working compass and is hand cast in the United States.

compass necklace sterling working

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