Vintage steampunk watch and compass necklace

Yet another vintage steampunk watch and compass necklace with gorgeous pendant that works for your outdoor activities. Steampunk and vintage style compass pendant necklace also can be your Pocket Watch/Compass.

You can see the numbers inside this working compass because it can be opened. A working compass mounted in front of this masterpiece. Actually if you wear this item backwards, it looks totally different but equally lovely look, because of the antique silver and gold pendant. An antique brass 30″ chain included for your fashion desire.
Front flips open to reveal a functioning time piece.

This vintage steampunk compass necklace with working compass perfect as a gift for your loved one. Pocket watch measures 70x50mm. This is a very nice addition for outfit wear as well as a everyday use if you like to carry a pocket watch with you. Good solid watch.

vintage steampunk watch and compass necklace

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