Fashion Trends of Gold and Diamond Rosary Necklaces

Rosary necklaces are become popular and become high demand jewelry since 1980, not only because it is a symbol of all Christian faith and belief in religion, but it is a popular way trend. In 2010, new fashion trends and new designs will be sought primarily in 14 karat gold, also diamond rosary necklace. Those gold chains in yellow gold and white gold. Many celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mischa Barton, Abbie Cornish, a few are spotted attracting chains. It is strongly predicted that 14k gold chains are in a much greater demand in 2010. Actually we’re Muslim not a Christian, but we’re offering both Muslim and Christian necklaces including rosary necklace.

The following are the expected trends in 14 carat gold rosary:

o Diamond cut rosary necklace: It is the trendiest models from 2010 with three different patterns, large, medium and small. Large diamond cut is the most expensive in the party and is suitable for people with a large frame. Medium-cut diamond is suitable for all types of people and small diamond cut is especially recommended for people with small frames.
o Rosary pendant necklace with a religious and personal image that is printed on the back of it will be in high demand in 2010. You can even replace the personal photo with a family photo.
o necklace with religious messages printed on the front and a personal photograph printed on the back.
o 14 carat gold beads made on a gold necklace with a cross pendant with beautifully designed image of Christ.
o Tri-color 14 karat gold beads with a slightly longer with a beautiful gold necklace pendant.
o Rosary Figaro chains with variations, such as large, small and medium. As Figaro is slightly cheaper than the diamond cut, so people will buy them a lot in 2010 to follow fashion trend.
o gold and diamond encrusted necklaces.
o Double layer excited with precious stones and pearls, and a cross pendant.
Trendy o Y-shaped gold necklace with crystal beads.
o Rosary necklace made of ebony beads and 14 k gold horns.
o 14 K gold chain with charms, crosses and the heart.
o gold necklace in white gold with double inner cross.
o Gold necklace with black rosary beads.
o 14 carat gold filled rosary necklace smokey quartz cross.
o Thin gold chain necklace with convenient captive black diamonds.
o thin gold necklace with white pearls and black water.
o Blue gems in any form, rosary gold inlaid with precious stones.

There is sufficient design 14k gold rosary chain to choose from. Nowadays, all the above designs estimated to be in fashion trends. So depending on your choice and budget, you can choose the best 14k gold Rosary Necklace for yourself or your loved ones. Therefore, if you’re planning some religious, but stylish, beautiful jewelry purchase, look at the various popular sites for this trendy jewelry also get online.

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