How to find Wholesale Cubic Zirconia and synthetic gemstones

For all jewelry lovers who want to buying cubic zirconium yesterday, today, or tomorrow. The is a significant development in quality and variation such as the many recent 2009 styles that have very fashionable look. As a jeweler or jewelry manufacturer, it can gives you opportunity to find the question; How to make satisfaction and cater to your customers who have various attitude too.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a stone that created from a composition in the factory, yes this is man made artificial stone and looks like a real diamond. Due to its hardness and beautiful shine, if you don’t have enough money to buy diamond, you can purchase cubic zirconia because it looks like a diamond. It is available in many fashionable styles, colors and shape to fit any atmosphere. Cubic zirconia stones can be used perfectly in all kinds of jewelry, pendant necklace, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.

What’s synthetic Gemstones?

Synthetic gemstones are artificial stone too, scientists make this stone in a special laboratory. These stone commonly called “lab gems” even it’s a “lab stone” but they have nice colors and durability, you can use it as a substitute for natural stones. Synthetic counterpart is a part that almost all of jewelry stones have. Customers always on the way to get the latest style of cubic zirconia or synthetic gemstone jewelry, because they’re looking for something new that offered everyday.

What’s the Difference?

Though both have similar characteristics, This is the biggest difference of cubic zirconia and synthetic gemstones. Both are created in a lab, but synthetic gemstones made from materials that available in nature stone. But actually they have 99% same materials. In another perspective, cubic zirconia is created with different optical, physical, and chemical materials but it also looks like natural stones. What do you think? Or you prefer like handmade gemstone jewelry, rather than two gemstone above.

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