Shattered sun pendant just a fiction item

OMG! Actually this is make me blushing, why? Please listen to me, when I looking for pendant item named Shattered sun pendant, I realized that this item is only available in World of Warcraft game, ha ha.. this is really disappointing me. I guest this item is really exist and Amazon sell it on their item list. Well Shattered Sun Pendant is a amulet or addition armor in World of Warcraft, I think it become a legendary item in World of Warcraft. I will tell you about this item function (now we talk about game haha..). When your character equipped with this item, it increases spell power by 37. Your spells have a chance to call on the power of the Arcane if you’re exalted with the Scryers, or the Light if you’re exalted with the Aldor. OK this enough for today.
Shattered sun pendant

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