Jewelry Fashion Trend Quick Report in Summer

This is the most important question in your fashion style world, are you ready for the summer yet? And the next question; “is your jewelry wardrobe up to date?” Actually I’m a man and I know less about woman fashion, because I’m not a fashion designer. In order to get prepared for the summer with the right directional colors and styles, yes this is some item that you must probably start the research right now.

Handmade gemstone jewelry Big or chunky beaded necklaces are still the focus of this summer, is it true? This is 2009 friends. Two styles exist at the same time: colorful and fun tone beads and organic earth tone beads. Organic beads include bone and onyx necklaces. A more prevalent style is the eye-catching colored wood bead necklaces, good idea huh?

Equivalent with the necklaces above, enormous finger rings with big faceted gemstones this summer that made by a designer. Bold and sparkling solitaire rings with a huge center stone set on large prongs seem to be the norm in most part of Europe this year. Thick band with many small stones set on pave settings is another popular style that you might want to keep an eye on and this is the most extreme fashion style, you know that? Well, BOLD is the idea in summer style.

As for earrings, trends are in linear or fringy styles this year. Dangle earrings with geometric designs incorporating loops and chains is the way to go. Yes earring maybe a covered item behind your long hair, but this is essential too.

Bracelets are a little overshadowed by necklaces this year. Simple charm bracelets are back in trend. Murano glass is the best simple Charm bracelets today, and it has nice gemstone.

Gold color is this year’s metal theme. Also, deep browns, khakis, bright reds, oranges, off-whites, and light beiges are the primary stone and I mean it, so what you waiting for? Get the reviews only on pendant necklace dot us.

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