Organic skin care for Acne: Skin Types

The types of skin

Do you need organic skin care for Acne? OK first read this carefully. Well we’re human, so we are care about own health and wellness, that’s normal. One way to caring our own body is harder than we can imagine before, what’s that? That’s skin care. Knowing your skin type is essential to caring for it overall, because different skin needs different treatment.

This is really important point to understand the major skin types in order to perfectly assess the skin type care you need and get the best treatment. Actually there are not all skin care treatments and products will work properly on every skin types. Each type needs a specific treatment, regimen and product classification to obtain the needs of related skin, then you can get best organic skin care for acne for the next treatment.

Major Types of Skin and the Characteristics

* Normal Skin – OK I know that everyone want have normal skin, beautiful skin. We can say that this is healthiest type of skin. It’s not too much oil but it’s not dry at all, in rare case it has blemishes and is generally smooth and firm. Small pores exist in normal skin, and lines and wrinkles only on old human’s skin.
* Dry Skin – It has less of moisture or lacks water content, it’s dried because of them. The skin feels tight and natural skin oils are lacking or reduced. Even it has of small pores, wavy texture and blackheads are apparent. Dry skin get chapped easily especially if you’re not a young man anymore, wrinkles tend to grow faster.
* Oily Skin – When your teen daughter or son have oily skin, especially in their face’s skin, It makes easier prone to acne due to the big amount of oil or sebaceous glands. The owner feels his/her skin was thicker than another person, And he/she will feel it was sticky and may have blackheads and larger pores aside from acne.
* Combination Skin – The skin combines the oily and dry or normal characteristics, so maybe in face skin the owner feels so sticky, meanwhile in hand feels so dry, and normal on foot, that’s weird you know. Commonly the T-zone of the face is oily, and one of you might feel the rest is dry or normal.
* Sensitive Skin – The skin type is prone to rashes, burns and allergies, it’s easy to become red even not blushing. Skin irritation is easily happened in this skin type. Cosmetics, external factors and certain food types are the most general causes irritation for somebody with sensitive skin. Let’s understanding your type of skin then make sure that you have security before using any type of skin care products. And if you have a problem and need further information go to a dermatologist to get your skin classified after professional skin test.

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