Black Pearl Necklace Guide (Akoya necklace review)

OK black pearl necklace is unbelievable jewelry for women, but do you know that genuine black pearl necklace came from fresh black pearl oysters? This is why we talk about it, in Japan we can find beautiful Akoya pearl necklace in various sizes and prices, but trust me the prices never disappoint you, ranges between 5.5-6.0mm in size and consists of all beautiful and lustrous pearls in AA+ quality. Akoya pearls have graced the necks, ears, fingers, and wrists of women for long time period. These various pearls in the necklace are round and have wonderful strength with silk thread and double-knotted that united the pearl to be a black pearl necklace. The manufacturer said Akoya pearl necklaces are made on site, and their mass experience and slow attention to detail give permit for us to make truly beautiful Akoya black pearl necklace. This necklace comes standard with a awesome 14K gold clasp, though premium clasps can be selected for an optional cost. Akoya black pearl necklace Known as the “icon” of cultured pearls. The Akoya pearls from the saltwaters of Japan, grown in the Pinctada fucata oyster. Please give us feedback for this Black Pearl Necklace Guide (Akoya necklace review).


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