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Do you believe that Tahitian pearls always black? And do you know what makes cultured pearl and a natural pearl different? Are freshwater pearls inferior to saltwater pearls? Ah come on this is common issue about pearl and maybe you want to know.

Good questions. There are a lot of pearls with various of colors, and that’s bring to us the difficulties to know just what you’re looking at. For those interested in buying pearls, or for gem necklace lovers who wish to get more info about necklace which they love so much, I hope pendant necklace dot us can answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about pearls including pearl necklace.

Do you believe that Tahitian pearls always black? I’ll answer it, NO! That’s not true. Not only are Tahitian cultured pearls not exclusively black, they’re also not grown in Tahiti. Their exotic dark colors makes the pearl from Tahiti called “Black Pearl”, Tahitian cultured pearls can also be gray, blue, green and brown. French Polynesia is the place where cultured pearls can be found easily. Tahiti, the largest island, serves as the group’s trading center, and it’s very different with pearl growing mecca in Tahiti.

Pinctada margaritifera cumingi is thre name of clam that produce Tahitian pearls, this clam is a kind of large mollusk native to French Polynesia. This clam or oyster different with another species is its interior shell color, which is dark. Today, the most sought-after Tahitian cultured pearls are dark green-gray to blue gray with rosé or purple overtones. Pearl colors are determined by several factors.

Including variations in the host oyster, color variation of the implanted donor mussel tissue, the number and thickness of nacre layers, and temperature is the key factor to deciding what color that they will produce. The most variations of gray, black, green and blue, but other colors exist in Tahiti. This so-called “black lipped” oyster also has black mantle edges—the “lips” that give this animal its descriptive name.

The average size is only 8mm-14mm, maybe small pearl for you and very big pearl for anybody who never know about this. Tahitian cultured pearls—especially when transformed to a necklace, it will expensive enough.

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