A moon necklace with a woman on it

Yeah finally I found this rare item; A moon necklace with a woman on it. But in fact you can purchase this item only for $9.95 without the shipping, this price isn’t a great price for an unique necklace like this, but it’s the fact about this “a moon necklace with a woman on it” necklace. OK this is the image taken from eBay. This item made with a metal named pewter, I think pewter is not a familiar name of metal, especially for my ear. What do you think? Wanna buy it, let’s order it, because only 5 necklaces available right now.

One Response to “Black Pearl Necklace Guide (Akoya necklace review)”

  • Miriam Reed:

    Black Akoya pearls are beautiful, and they do come from oysters, often from Pinctada Fucata Martensii, but they are not naturally black. Tahitian pearls from the Black Lipped Oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera Cumingi) emerge from the oyster with their natural dark color, but Akoya pearls are color treated to achieve that deep beautiful color.

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