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Etsy affiliate marketing is biggest jewelry online shop that launched in affiliate style, so Etsy offering large opportunity for all online marketer who spreading their ads via email, also blogger who place their ads on every empty column on every blogs :greedy: . There is no cheat on Etsy affiliate network, but I can’t score their products, because I’m a man meanwhile Etsy only create female stuff such as handbag, necklace, pendant, female ring, et cetera. Interested to reviewing Etsy products on this blog, please submit your own review via email to samuraimiskin(at) you can embed an affiliate link on your review, by the way do you know how to make online jewelry shop on Etsy? After completing your registration, you can easily create an personal page with Etsy subdomain , and this page is your customized online shop to selling Etsy products, create many links to your own page, the key to increasing your earning is targeted visitor, no blog marketer succeed without targeted visitor, even you got 100K traffic everyday.

So selling Etsy products on your own page that hosted free is not impossible business anymore, when I knew this strategy, I remember an Amazon strategy that similar with this, what’s that? Of course that’s aStore! Yeah you can try to open personal customized online shop in Amazon with aStore, interesting eh? Not really for me, because I tried this business for a year, then I realized it’s hard to selling affiliate products no matter what’s the product type. :exciting:

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