Buy Ambush Pow necklace by Teriyaki Boyz

This is very popular necklace of American and Japanese teenager fashion style, if you know who Teriyaki Boyz is, or if you’re hip hop music lovers, I swear you should know that Teriyaki Boyz launched a new necklace design for their famous brand called AMBUSH, well actually this necklace launched several months ago, but until now so many customers looking for this necklace almost everyday, especially teenager from America and Japan, and finally today I found this necklace at, as largest and biggest auction website, somebody named Antonio Murphy offering this famous necklace only for $172.00 and he will ship this item directly from Japan.

Actually I’m not good in hip hop fashion style, but I know that in Japan, most distros there have Ambush Pow necklace at their item lists, go to

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