Charm and Stainless Camera Necklace Reviews

What’s camera necklace? Today we can found camera necklace not only for the real function but for aesthetic too, yups the camera pendant looks smaller than the real one, because that’s only for fun, not for take a picture. Even it’s just for jewelry, let’s show your passion for photography with this black retrolite and stainless steel camera necklace with toggle clasp. We hope you enjoyed this Classic Hardware Jewelry Black Retrolite & Stainless Steel Camera Necklace with Toggle Clasp article! This necklace is perfect yourself or anyone you know that loves photography. The hardware was designed to last along while. $74. The necklace features hardware on the back of the camera pendant and on the toggle clasp.

Remember! this camera necklace is not for photograph, just a cute jewelry for you ladies. Well as miniatur of retro analog camera (not digital one), this camera necklace has awesome small camera pendant, but I think if a man wear it, it’s little bit weird LOL. What do you think about this camera necklace?

There are two different camera necklace, stainless and charm camera necklace, here’s the image:
Charm camera necklace

Charm Camera necklace image taken from Etsy:

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