Chuvora Real Irish Four Leaf Clover Necklace

Irish falling in love with this necklace, but all nationality and races will love this after knowing what the meaning of four leaves clover necklace. We found Chuvora Real Irish Four Leaf Clover, Symbol of Good Luck, Clear Oval Pendant Necklace from Amazon. The Four Leaves Clover symbol of good luck with its origin ages old, yups it’s accepted globally not only Irish. With unique shape and color four leaves clover pendant, this beautiful necklace is very elegant in every condition, wear it on wedding, funeral, religious ceremonial. Those leaves are real so you’ll get authentic rare item. Each leaf has been carefully selected and genuinely handpicked from Irish.

The First Leaf is for “Love”. The Second Leaf is for “Glory”. The Third Leaf is for “Riches”. The Fourth Leaf is for “Health”.

necklace length: 16”-18” (with 2” extension line)
pendant size: 2.5 cm x 1.1 cm
weight: 0.9 g
Each jewelry is made from natural materials and is individually handmade product, therefore slight variation may occur between items.
Packaging: Black Velvet Pouch

Chuvora Real Irish Four Leaf necklace

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