Owl necklace Charlotte Russe review from Brittany

Brittany D’Lynne is fashion blogger who looks fashionable (absolutely guys) suggesting a necklace called owl necklace charlotte russe for your necklace collection. She woke up early enough to do my hair today! OK what’s owl necklace by charlotte russe? Well Brittany D’Lynne has cool picture of herself with that owl necklace charlotte russe. I think owl is symbol of knowledge, and Brittany looks like smart woman, so owl necklace charlotte russe perfect jewelry for her. But if your girlfriend is a crazy woman, she really looks bad with that owl necklace charlotte russe LOL. Her real camera is dead, so she has been using my iPhone until she remembers to get her camera and my charger in the same place! She also likes the convenience of the Iphone–She just emails it to me, edits it on Picassa, and saves it all in one place. The bangs can be swished to the side if she wants but she has been having fun with them down the last few days. She know owls are on the downward slope (or so she has been telling people) but she found this necklace at Charlotte Russe this weekend…for $4.99…and she loved it! And your woman also loves it too, I swear.
owl necklace charlotte russe
Her friends know that she has been on the lookout for an owl necklace for at least 6 months now. It shouldn’t be, and she can’t really explain why, but it is such a pain to download pictures from my camera!!

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