Rope necklace for men (Baseball necklace)

Rope necklace for men? Is it a latest baseball fashion style? Ah ya.. You’re right most baseball teams have their own logos as a pendant on the rope necklaces, so we’ll recommend this jewelry for men, but women also allowed to wear this rope necklace off course. Today we found one rope necklace from and another rope necklace from;

This Rope necklace for men is absolutely for sale, but this rope necklace is not a baseball themed necklace, it’s made from stainless steel rope style necklace. With 20inches rope. They said in spectacular event you can purchase this necklace from a jewelry store for over 100$ dollars Asking for $50 call or text Joe at 623399xxxx it’s NOT OK to call this brochure with another commercial interests or services.

rope necklace for menAnd then we found real baseball rope necklace for men from Gamewear’s Frozen Rope Necklace. As authentic baseball stitching and leather, the necklace is twisted together to make it looks like a frozen rope. Available for any neck size, it is designed to be worn loose to show the favorite team of the necklace owner. Some of them made with the beads. This rope necklace for men is made in China.

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