Turquoise Necklace Facts and Beliefs

Fragments of Heaven. That’s how turquoise was called by a number of Indian tribes. It requires little imagination to understand why Turquoise is presented as such. Just as the sky is a peaceful or stormy blue, turquoise, this would seem to express different moods with its different shades of blue and green. carry pieces of the sky in a turquoise necklace is a challenging and attractive idea.

Known as the birthstone for December, turquoise can be opaque or transparent, and a necklace made of turquoise beads gives an iridescent, whimsical effect. Some jewelry designers set their turquoise necklaces in platinum, silver or gold, sometimes used in combination with other gems turquoise for an additional effect. Chokers or necklaces decorated with turquoise are also popular as fashion accessories.

Necklaces made from Persian or Iranian turquoise are the most expensive, because this variety of turquoise is considered the highest quality. However, the cheaper types available from Mexican, Chinese, Egyptian and American sources. Turquoise necklaces are popular items in Native American and Southern jewelry collections, but in fact they have found their way into mainstream culture. They are perfect for casual wear, especially in the summer, but can also be worn combined with other jewels for more formal occasions. Socialite Nicky Hilton, country singer Lari White and actress Ali Landry are some celebrities who were photographed turquoise necklace.

According to gemologists, turquoise is believed by people of different cultures to healing, protective and remedial powers. Folklore tells us that turquoise would fade or change color when the user was in danger or if a lover had been unfaithful. If a person believes in fairy tales or not, the fact remains that a turquoise necklace and other pieces of jewelry turquoise dress accessories are not only fashionable and beautiful, she also played an important role in the shaping of various cultures.

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