8GB Flash Drive Necklace with Lock Pendant

What? An 8GB flash drive necklace with Lock Pendant? I’m not kidding. There is luxury but useful necklace for men, it’s called USB Necklace 8 GB Storage Lock Pendant with CrystalizedTM – Swarovski Elements. Yes sure, you can purchase this flash drive necklace, usb jewelry, or usb necklace men on Amazon.

8 GB flash drive necklace with Lock Pendant features:

* 8 GB with CrystalizedTM – Swarovski Elements
* 26 Inches Long
* Flash Drive
* Great Gift Idea
* Gorgeous Lock pendant

Unfortunately this item made by Samsung not Swarovski. Wonderful USB 8GB Lock Necklace/ Pendant FLASH DRIVE 26 inches long Sparkling clear- diamond like crystals Comes in small gift box Compatible with Windows 98/ XP/Vista. Purchase now with their store card, and get the best deals like six-month financing.

An 8GB flash drive necklace with Lock Pendant

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