Pendant Light Shades Review

Attention please, this pendant light shades is for your interior design, not for women fashion LOL :D. If you want to imagine the probabilities with the Shade collection creation. This awesome pendant light actually expressing your individual style with the simplicity and modern idea of personal lampshade creation of pendant light shades by remixing unique design and combination of colors. Unite elegant strips with colors, additional patterned chips or a boht combination to make your personal style. Go for a simply, cool edge and symmetrical look design… it’s up to you. All W-16″- H-8″, 3-60 watt medium bulbs, 9lbs included, also 5 feet of cable available just for you. This pendant named Mary-Kate and Ashley Create-A-Shade Pendant Light.


I purchased this light fixture for my kids play room and since I was going for the lime green and blue color palette, I thought it was great that the fixture included these colors and that I could take the peach and yellow ones out and put more blue and green ones in, but It turned out not to be that easy. It is very difficult to change the colors because they are made out of paper and bend easily, and when they do bend they do not look good at all– I wasted so many of them trying to create the look I wanted. When I was done it looked awesome.

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