Bryce Harper baseball sports illustrated covers

Do you like baseball? I think you never forget the most popular player named Bryce Harper, he is the best player who usually makes at least one home run in every game, I think he is Most Valuable Player (MVP) of baseball, what’s news of Bryce Harper? In June 8 issue of “Sports Illustrated” the one with Bryce Harper featured on the cover hit the newsstands, Ron Harper as Bryce’s father called by a producer and asked his son become a guest star in Jimmy Kimmel Live, with the maestro of basketball; Kobe Bryant.

I don’t know where we can get sport illustrated covers, but this picture is taken from the online gallery, by the way do you know his full name? yeah Bryce Aron Max Harper, too long for popular name LOL. Even Bryce Harper is only a 16 years old boy, but he can do the best performance and off course great achievement in his life, but why he looks pressured in some games last 3 months?
Bryce Harper

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