Jenna Jameson picture and biography

Finally we’ve bring Jenna Jameson picture to you. Is Jenna Jameson a good celebrity? I don’t know. Look at the tattoos on that Jenna Jameson picture? Actually I don’t like girl with tattoos on her body, blah that’s look like a radical girl :haha:, fortunately Jenna Jameson has a beautiful face and good looking physic, but I still not interested with this celebrity who become 11th most popular celebrity, because of the tattoos.

Jenna Jameson biography;

Full Name:
Jennifer Marie Massoli

April 9, 1974

Birth Place:
Las Vegas, Nevada

5′ 6″

Career Start:
Ms. Behaved (1994)

AA Ranking:
#11 most searched Celeb

Jenna Jameson picture

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