Michael Jackson autopsy picture

Looking for Michael Jackson autopsy picture? :shame: Actually I got a problem when looking for Michael Jackson autopsy picture, The Michael Jackson autopsy results are scheduled to be released in the next couple of days. The autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning, June 26, 2009. Read about it below and see Michael Jackson children photos and a video tribute.

I found only one picture of Michael Jackson autopsy picture, I can’t found another detailed picture about Michael Jackson autopsy picture, here we go;

Michael Jackson autopsy picture

Michael Jackson autopsy picture

One Response to “Chase sapphire Credit card, OMG!”

  • ace:

    Chase can take their cards and SHOVE IT where the sun don’t shine. They are nothing but LIARS. They tack on all sorts of fees to the card and paying the minimum or even half of the card balance isn’t good enough for them. They will just close your account after a couple of times of you only paying half the card balance, report you to the credit bureaus as “delinquent” and send 10 different debt collectors after you. I’m not kidding about this.

    There is NO negotiating with them. It’s either you pay the card in full or you will be paying through the nose with their miscellaneous fees. I wouldn’t recommend Chase to a dog for Christ sakes.

    Don’t get a card with Chase and certainly DO NOT open a bank account with Chase. You will be SORRY beyond belief if you have an account with Chase. Chase will close your bank account without warning if you don’t keep more than $12 in it at any given time. $12 that goes towards their “monthly service fee”. And after they close your bank account, your name gets listed in Chex System and you have NO choice but to get a second chance checking account. There is NO way of getting your name out of the Chex System.

    If you have an account with Chase, CLOSE IT NOW. DO NOT WAIT. DO NOT PATRONIZE THEM. Don’t patronize businesses that practice deceptive tactics. I will HATE Chase forever and a day. I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through with Chase. It’s mind blowing the way they operate.

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