Mila Kunis picture and biography

Looking for Mila Kunis picture? She is beautiful and smart look celebrity, what do you think? Is he nice girl? I don’t know, I’m not her friends. Is Mila Kunis has a boyfriend? I don’t know, I’m not her parent :bad_egg:. Is Mila Kunis a royal person? I don’t know, I’m not her lawyer :haha: LOL. But subjectively I think she is loyal person, look at the face. Ah don’t judge the girl from the face :haha:.

This picture seems like a photo session of an interview right? Why Mila Kunis looks sad, or hard thinking of something, ah whatever.

Mila Kunis Biography:

Full Name:
Milena Markovna Kunis

August 14, 1983

Birth Place:
Kiev, Ukraine

5′ 3”

Career Start:
Make a Wish, Molly (1995)

AA Ranking:
#23 most searched Celeb

Mila Kunis picture

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