Miley Cyrus picture and biography

Who’s Miley Cyrus? She is very gorgeous female actress in Hollywood, is my information above clearly? :haha: I only simply write about Miley Cyrus here, when you trying hard to looking for Miley Cyrus picture and biography, if I said Miley Cyrus has a beautiful face, I mean it. But how about her quality in acting? I don’t know her well, I think I agree with you, if you said Miley Cyrus has a good talent too, look at the picture. I want to be Miley Cyrus guitar :haha:. How nice if I transformed to the guitar. No just kidding, I want to be a human.

Miley Cyrus biography;

Full Name:
Destiny Hope Cyrus

November 23, 1992

Birth Place:
Franklin, Tennessee

5′ 4″

Career Start:
Doc (TV 2003)

AA Ranking:
#116 most searched Celeb

Miley Cyrus picture

Miley Cyrus picture

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