Chase sapphire Credit card, OMG!

Do you know what’s Chase sapphire? Yes it’s a new credit card aimed at high-end consumers, and I think low end customers or maybe poor customer :haha: never get it even they doing hard work for hundred years LOL :haha: . Why they launch this Chase sapphire credit card? Yeah I don’t know the exact reason, but maybe some high end customers looking for the classy and luxury credit card, not only sapphire on their pendant necklace but also on their card, wow that’s amazing step to go to 2012 doom day :haha: just kidding..

This quotation taken from the official website;

Chase Sapphire, targeted at households with incomes exceeding $120,000, has no pre-set spending limit and holders earn a point for every dollar they spend. Chase is seeking customers beyond its 152 million cards issued in North America.

“Our desire is to make sure we have exactly the right product in the hands of our customers,” Gordon Smith, chief executive officer of the card division, said in an Aug. 17 interview. “If we cannibalize ourselves and move customers from one product to another, but we capture more of their business, then we’re absolutely fine with that.”

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chase sapphire credit card

chase sapphire credit card

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