Free original RSS icon; Green glass

Free original RSS icon; Green glass :super_man: This is an original RSS icon from pendant necklace dot us, actually I like blue or black color, but for transparent effect like on this Green Glass, green is the best color for it. I’ve made this icon about view weeks ago, but I’m too lazy to show it LOL :haha: , because I’m afraid some of you will hate it, I can’t make a semi-perfect icon like smashingmagazine do, and I don’t know how to publish a freebies icon on the right way. What do you think about this green glass RSS icon? Well I know some of you will judge this icon looks too simple, but absolutely I love simplicity guys. Do you think this icon good for website? or web based software, or for widget? :unhappy: I don’t know all Photoshop tricks and I’am not a web designer, I’am just a newbie in design, so green glass RSS icon is my free expression that formed in a png file format, I hope you’ll enjoy it so much, and appreciate it well. If somebody need the psd file, contact me right now by commenting. Then if somebody use this icon for their wordpress theme, blogspot template, or another platform themes, I like you very much. Tons of thank you for you all. Please tell me the weakness of this icon design please, because I know just little bit about Photoshop :big_smile: .

140×140 pixels (right click and save);

rss icon green glass

150×163 pixels;

rss icon green glass

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