Stanley and Livingstone picture

Stanley and Livingstone picture, detail about Stanley and Livingstone;

* Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. BlogHer has a thoughtful dispatch on the event from an expat in Beijing.
* Christine Garvin and her readers at Brave New Traveler share their most surreal travel experiences.
* This summer on the History Channel, four explorers will attempt to retrace Henry Morton Stanley’s most famous journey in Expedition Africa: Stanley and Livingstone.
* The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at the “foreign-film fadeout” in U.S. movie theaters.
* German-Lebanese-American writer Lionel Beehner compares the order of Berlin to the anarchy of Beirut, and realizes that he needs a little bit of both.
* Word has it that Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is headed into orbit this fall. He would be the first Canadian space tourist.
* Employees at the Art Institute of Chicago are bracing for “an imminent encounter with a large group of identically clad people,” the Onion reports.
* Zion National Park turns 100 years old this summer. World Hum contributor Ben Keene takes a look at the park’s highlights and the planned centennial events.

Stanley and Livingstone picture

Stanley and Livingstone picture

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