Nordstrom initial pendant necklace

View months ago we post about a initial necklace, today we want to share product info about another initial necklace by Lori Bonn, this is nordstrom initial pendant necklace designed by Lori Bonn. Variety in initial necklace is important to make customer feels special. Where’s the fun if we don’t have choices! 😉 This Nordstrom initial pendant necklaces can be worn in any season, works well for signature piece.

This one nordstrom initial pendant necklace by Lori Bonn which correlated with birthstone charm. Adding birthstone makes this Nordstrom initial pendant necklace even more special to the buyer. Sterling silver chain comes together with its glamor initial pendant necklace. Details on ornament make this initial necklace looks antique and look at the small birthstone, looks awesome. The initial pendant is $68 and the birthstone is $25, purchase it at Nordstrom store.

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